Student Projects

Attached Images Project Title Project Type Status
Inverse external beam radiotherapy treatment planning Masters project Available
Development of a Holographically Augmented Medical Simulator Undergraduate project, Masters project Available
Automatic approximation of image registration parameters Masters project Available
Representation of external beam treatment geometry Undergraduate project Available
Evaluate portable 3D imaging devices for tool navigation Undergraduate project, Masters project Available
Bone detection in ultrasound images Undergraduate project, Masters project, PhD project Taken
Contour rasterization Undergraduate project, Masters project Taken
Evaluation of gamma dose comparison algorithms Undergraduate project
Simulated ultrasound for sonographer training Undergraduate project, Masters project, Available
Surgical navigation using tracked ultrasound Undergraduate project, Masters project, Available
Uncertainty in electromagnetic position tracking Undergraduate project Available
Pose tracking with a combined accelerometer-magnetometer-gyroscope device Masters project Taken
Planar contour interpolation Undergraduate project Taken
Correlation-based temporal calibration of tracked US imaging Undergraduate project Taken
Hole-filling algorithm for three-dimensional ultrasound imaging Undergraduate project Taken