In the PerkLab significant efforts are invested into making publicly available all source code, data, CAD drawings, description of all other details of published methods. This allows other groups to verify, utilize, or enhance our methods. Generally all information is provided with a BSD-like license, which allows unrestricted use for free.

Open-source software tools developed at the PerkLab:

  • Plus (Public software Library for UltraSound imaging research): a software package containing library functions and applications for tracked ultrasound image acquisition, calibration, and processing; real-time streaming to 3D Slicer, Matlab, and any OpenIGTLink-compatible software
  • SlicerIGT: a collection of modules for the 3D Slicer application to support image-guided medical interventions
  • SlicerRT: extensions for the 3D Slicer application for radiotherapy research
  • MatlabBridge: extension for the 3D Slicer application to allow running Matlab functions
  • PerkTutor: extension for the 3D Slicer application for training in needle-based interventions
  • DefRegEval: tool for evaluating deformable registration algorithms using simulated deformations, applied for prostate MRI registration