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Jennifer Andrea wins Ontario/Baden-Württemberg Summer Research Fellowship

Jennifer Andrea received an Ontario/Baden-Württemberg Summer Research Fellowship to spend the summer in Heidelberg at the fabled Ruprecht-Karls-Universität and the German Cancer Research Institute.

Jen will work in a collaborate project on shared open source infrastructure for radiation therapy research ( Heidelberg is doubtless one of the most spectacular places in Europe, so I suppose Jen will have a constant stream of visitors :-)


Multidimensional data (2D+t, 3D+t) support added to 3D Slicer

We've implemented the MultidimData extension for 3D Slicer that allows creating, editing, and browsing sequences of nodes, such as 4D volumes, 3D models changing in time, sequence of tracked ultrasound frames and tool navigation data, etc. The MultidimData extension is available for the Slicer nightly builds. See more information on the MultidimData module's documentation page.

Plus toolkit Matlab interface updated with live data transfer

The Matlab interface of our Plus toolkit has been updated. In addition to the existing tracked image data reading/writing from/to files now real-time receiving and sending of transforms from/to Matlab are also supported. Real-time data can be obtained from all Plus-supported tracking devices, simulators, and files from PlusServer, or directly from any OpenIGTLink-compatible software, such as 3D Slicer.

Dr. Sue Sue

Earlier today, our Paweena (Sue-Sue) U-Thainual has defended her PhD thesis entitled "MR image overlay: An augmented reality system for needle guidance". Sue Sue was poised and well prepared, and she had good humour. In short, she gave a terrific performance. 

Well done and well deserved, Dr. Sue Sue! 


Laura Bartha, MSc !!!

We have a new master's student in the Perk Lab: earlier today Laura Bartha has defended her thesis on "Surface Mesh-Based Ultrasound Simulator For Spinal Interventions". Upon submitting the final copy of the thesis, Laura will take a few weeks of rest and then start an exciting new job on image-guided neurosurgery navigation system development with a company in Toronto. Well done and good luck, Laura!