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Aidan Baksh, Leahurst College intern, wins Gold Medal at the regional Science Fair

Aidan Baksh wins Gold Medal at the regional Science Fair 

Congratulations to Aidan Baksh, high school intern from Leahurst College (, who won the Gold Medal in his division today at the Science Fair and he also took the Silver Medal overall - out of 284 participants. Aidan will next take his project to the Canada-wide competition to be held in Montreal.  


Amani Ibrahim wins "grand prize" at ImNO 2016

The Perk Lab did superbly at the annual meeting of Imaging Network of Ontario (ImNO). Amani Ibrahim received the "grand prize", i.e. best oral presentation award, Maggie Hess received the Best Poster Award of the OCAIRO Consortium, and Perk Lab researchers received six abstract awards. The total tally is the following:

Best Oral Presentation Award:  Amani Ibrahim

Best Poster Award of the OCAIRO Consortium: Margaret (Maggie) Hess

Maggie Hess receives 2nd Place Poster Award at SPIE Medical Imaging 2016

Maggie Hess received the 2nd Place Poster Award at SPIE Medical Imaging 2016 in the  Image-Guided Procedures, Robotic Interventions, and Modeling conference. Her paper was "Visual design and verification tool for collision-free dexterous patient specific neurosurgical instruments", authors M. Hess, K. Eastwood, B. Linder, V. Bodani, A. Lasso, T. Looi, G. Fichtinger, J. Drake, in collaboration between the Perk Lab and the Centre for Image Guided Innovation and Therapeutic Intervention at the Hospital for Sick Kids, Toronto, Canada.

Maggie, onto the next one !! 



Christina Yan and Vinyas Harish received SPIE Travel Fellowship

Christina Yan and Vinyas Harish received SPIE Travel Fellowship to the SPIE Medical Imaging 2016 conference to be held in 27 February - 3 March 2016, San Diego, USA.

They will present their papers authored as summer research students at Perk Lab in the summer of 2015.

SPIE Medical Imaging is one of the largest conferences in medical image computing and computer-assisted interventions; 8-10 page long papers are archived in the SPIE Digital Library.

Congrats Christina and Vinyas - onto the next one!

Vinyas Harish national finalist for the Sunnybrook Research Prize

This past Friday Vinyas went to Toronto to speak at Sunnybrook as one of ten national finalists for the Sunnybrook Research Prize. Although he did not win the grand prize of $10,000, he made an excellent presentation and had an amazingly positive learning experience at the meeting and throughout the several weeks of preparations leading up it. He represented the Perk Lab and the Queen's biomedical Computing Program splendidly.


Gabor Fichtinger is the inaugural recipient of the Principal's Student Inquiry Teaching Award

Our lab director, Gabor Fichtinger, received the Principal's Student Inquiry Teaching Award. This award is offered to one professor at Queen's University each year, recognizing innovative instructional design which enables active student engagement in learning. This award is yet another recognition of the world class academic and research work conducted in our lab.

Surgery / PerkLab joint project on CKWS TV News

The subtitle says everything: "It’s a ground-breaking surgical technique that could revolutionize the way breast cancer patients undergo surgery." Congrats to our team, especially to Tamas Ungi, MD, PhD and Gabrielle Gauvin, MD, who are spearheading this fantastic work and they are also starring in the video.


Vinyas Harish receives Best Poster Presentation Award at the Canadian Undergraduate Conference on Healthcare

The 11th annual Canadian Undergraduate Conference on Healthcare took place this Sunday with brilliant Perk Lab students on the big stage. 

Vinyas Harish, 3rd year Biomedical Computing undergrad, received the Best Poster Presentation Award for his project “Monitoring Electromagnetic Tracking Error in Computer Navigated Breast Cancer Surgery.”

Christina Yan, 2nd year Biomedical Computing undergrad, gave an invited podium presentation on "Comparison of portable and conventional ultrasound imaging in spinal curvature measurement".