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IEEE TBME best paper award for most citations in the last five years

Our paper is to receive the IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering best paper award for most citations in the last five years. Congratulations in particular to Axel and Rob who were the Ph.D. students who really made this project happen.

Axel Krieger, Robert C. Susil, Cynthia Ménard, Jonathan A. Coleman, Gabor Fichtinger, Ergin Atalar, and Louis L. Whitcomb, "Design of A Novel MRI Compatible Manipulator for Image Guided Prostate Interventions". IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. IEEE Press 52. 2 (2005):306-313.

Paweena (Sue Sue) U-Thainual receives award

Paweena (Sue Sue) U-Thainual received the “Outstanding Graduate Student Achievement Award” of the School of Computing. Sue Sue is the inaugural recipient of this award. Sue Sue is enrolled in Mechanical Engineering, but her contributions and loyalty to the School of Computing were such that merited this prestigious award. Below is Sue Sue, receiving the award from Dr. Selim Akl, Director of the School of Computing.

Prof. Fichtinger shares two prestigious book awards

The 2008 PROSE Awards of the Association of American Publishers (dubbed as the “Oscar of Scientific Publishing”) were announced. The Springer Handbook of Robotics, of which Prof Fichtinger was a co-author among many well-known experts, received the Oscar in two categories, most importantly in the overall “Physical Sciences & Mathematics”.

Queen’s / Perk Lab students ran the table at SPIE Medical Imaging, 2009

Our students ran the table at SPIE Medical Imaging 2009. Our contingent was, by far, the most dominating presence at this very prestigious multi-conference. In the Ultrasonic Imaging and Signal Processing conference: -Andrew Lang won 2nd Place Poster Award. -Pezhman Foroughi (former MSc student at Queen's, currently PhD student in the Perk Lab at Johns Hopkins) won Best Poster Award, Best Student Paper Award and 2nd place in the overall Merickel Award competition.