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Successful Ontario Research Fund - Research Excellence program grant of $7,000,000

The Ministry Of Research And Innovations has announced the successful Ontario Research Fund-Research Excellence program grants. Under this program the "Ontario Consortium for Adaptive Interventions in Radiation Oncology" (PI Dr. David Jaffray, UHN, Toronto) was funded at $7,000,000. Gabor Fichtinger will co-lead with Dr. Terry Peters (UWO) one of the four themes of the Consortium on "Open Source Software Platforms and Databases for the Adaptive Process".

New ECE PhD student

Let us give a warm welcome to Hossein Sadjadi, PhD student in ECE arrived. He will be co-advised between Keyvan and Gabor and working closely with Ehsan and Tomi on the US guided brachy robot system.

Collaborative grant awarded to the Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology (ACMIT)

Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology (ACMIT) focuses on the development of new technologies for surgery, with special attention to minimally invasive procedures (MIP). The Perk Lab collaborates with ACMIT in research on percutaneous (through the skin) needle-based interventions used in diagnosis and treatment of solid cancers. The annual budget of the ACMIT is 4.3 million Euros. The guaranteed funding period is 4 years, to be followed by a non-competitive renewal of 3 years, contingent upon successful operation.