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Mattea Welch receives NSERC USRA Award

Mattea Welch  received the Undergrad Student Research Award from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.  Mattea  has been apprenticing in Perk Lab as undergraduate course student and researcher. Mattea has participated in work with the PerkTutor and contributed to a journal article in review and a conference paper as a co-author. This summer she will develop surgical performance scoring approaches for spinal needle insertion training.




Andras Lasso receives commendation from the Principal of Queen's University

Andras Lasso received the highest commendation from the Principal of Queen's University.

Principal Woolf's letter praised the accomplishments and contributions Andras has been making to the University and the School of Computing. The Principal was particularly impressed by the world-class medical image computing research competence and the vaste industrial experience of Andras.

Andras, we are very proud of you!