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Intraoperative registration of ultrasound and fluoroscopy project received Phase II funding from NSERC

The PerkLab has been awarded Phase II funding under the NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) Idea to Innovation program for the project "Intraoperative Registration of Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy (iRUF)". Phase II projects are the technology enhancement phase of product development.

Paweena U-Thainual (Sue Sue) received a poster award at CARS 2012

The poster, of which Sue Sue was the second author, received Second Place Poster Award at CARS 2012: J. Fritz, P. U-Thainual, I. Iordachita, J. Carrino, A. Flammang, T. Ungi, G. Fichtinger, Augmented reality visualization using image-overlay for MR-guided interventions: performance assessment of paravertebral sympathetic perineural injections in cadavers at 1.5 tesla.

Mattea Welch receives NSERC-CREATE Scholarship in Joint Health Research, 2012

Mattea Welch received the NSERC-CREATE Scholarship in Joint Health Research, 2012, to conduct summer research in relation to image-guided spinal needle interventoion training. Unfortunately, she will have to decline the award, because she already holds an NSERC-USRA award... Too bad. 



Tamas Ungi receives Honorable Mention for the School of Computing Distinguished Service Award

Tamas Ungi, MD, PhD, senior researcher in the Perk Lab received Honorable Mention for the School of Computing Distinguished Service Award. 

Although as of yet he does not hold a faculty appointment, Tamas has de facto mentored numerous undergraduate and graduate students. In this role, he has been vitally important to the Biomedical Computing Group. The quality of the mentorship Tamas provides is demonstrated the most tangibly in the volume and prestige of peer-reviewed publications authored and co-authored by his trainees.

Gift from an anonymous student

This bottle of fine Italian vinegar is a gift from an anonymous student to commemorate his/her sweet experience in the PerkLab. As a feeble attempt to curtail the number of students applying to the Perk Lab, we have commissioned a large banner to be hanged over the entrance of the Perk Lab. The banner will say "No Sugar Added". This vinegar bottle will hang on a string under the banner. Stay tuned for the photo of the composition.


Mattea Welch receives NSERC USRA Award

Mattea Welch  received the Undergrad Student Research Award from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.  Mattea  has been apprenticing in Perk Lab as undergraduate course student and researcher. Mattea has participated in work with the PerkTutor and contributed to a journal article in review and a conference paper as a co-author. This summer she will develop surgical performance scoring approaches for spinal needle insertion training.