Streamlined open-source gel dosimetry analysis in 3D slicer

TitleStreamlined open-source gel dosimetry analysis in 3D slicer
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsAlexander, K., Pinter C., Fichtinger G., Olding T., & L. Schreiner J.
JournalBiomedical Physics & Engineering Express
Date Published07/2018
Keywords3d dosimetry, gel dosimetry, Radiation therapy

Three dimensional dosimetry is being used in an increasingly wide variety of clinical applications as more gel and radiochromic plastic dosimeters become available. However, accessible 3D dosimetry analysis tools have not kept pace. 3D dosimetry data analysis is time consuming and laborious, creating a barrier to entry for busy clinical environments. To help in the adoption of 3D dosimetry, we have produced a streamlined, open-source dosimetry analysis system by developing a custom extension in 3D Slicer, called the Gel Dosimetry Analysis slicelet, which enables rapid and accurate data analysis. To assist those interested in adopting 3D dosimetry in their clinic or those unfamiliar with what is involved in a 3D dosimeter experiment, we first present the workflow of a typical gel dosimetry experiment. This is followed by the results of experiments used to validate, step-wise, each component of our software. Overall, our software has made a full 3D gel dosimeter analysis roughly 20 times faster than previous analysis systems.

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