Simulated ultrasound for sonographer training

Ultrasound machines are expensive, therefore their availability is limited in teaching sonographers. However, some features of the ultrasound image can be simulated if a fake ultrasound probe is tracked in space. We have an initial version that simulates ultrasound images from image position and 3D anatomical models. This simulator could be enhanced by adding advanced features. One or more features could be selected for an undergraduate or graduate student project.

Simulate ultrasound beam width. Real ultrasound images do not only reflect a 2D slice of the body, but a slice with thickness dependent on distance from the probe. Simulating a more realistic beam shape would add important features to the simulated ultrasound.

Contact with the body is an important requirement for ultrasound images, because any air between the skin and the probe blocks ultrsound propagation. Available force sensors could be integrated in the fake ultrasound probe with USB connection, and with those, skin contact could be taken into account in the simulated ultrasound generating algorithm.




Project type: 

Undergraduate project
Masters project