Real-time quality control of tracked ultrasound

TitleReal-time quality control of tracked ultrasound
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsBoctor, E., Iordachita I., Fichtinger G., & Hager G. D.
JournalMedical image computing and computer-assisted intervention (MICCAI)
NumberPt 1
KeywordsAlgorithms, Computer Systems, Computer-Assisted, Health Care, Humans, Image Enhancement, Image Interpretation, Interventional, methods, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Reproducibility of Results, Sensitivity, Specificity, Surgery, Ultrasonography, User-Computer Interface

The overwhelming majority of intra-operative hazard situations in tracked ultrasound (US) systems are attributed to failure of registration between tracking, imaging coordinate frames We introduce a novel methodology for eal-time in-vivo quality control of tracked US systems, in order to capture registration failures during the clinical procedure In effect, we dynamically recalibrate the tracked US system for rotation, scale factor, and in-plane position offset up to a scale factor We detect any unexpected change in these parameters through capturing discrepancies in the resulting calibration matrix, thereby assuring quality (accuracy, consistency) of the tracked system No phantom is used for the recalibration We perform the task of quality control in the background, transparently to the clinical user while the subject is being scanned We present the concept, mathematical formulation, and experimental evaluation in-vitro This new method can play an important role in guaranteeing accurate, consistent, and reliable performance of tracked ultrasound

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