Perk Station-Percutaneous surgery training and performance measurement platform

TitlePerk Station-Percutaneous surgery training and performance measurement platform
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsVikal, S., U-Thainual P., Carrino J. A., Iordachita I., Fischer G., & Fichtinger G.
JournalComputerized Medical Imaging and Graphics
Date Published05/2009

MOTIVATION: Image-guided percutaneous (through the skin) needle-based surgery has become part of routine clinical practice in performing procedures such as biopsies, injections, therapeutic implants A novice physician typically performs needle interventions under the supervision of a senior physician; a slow, inherently subjective training process that lacks objective, quantitative assessment of the surgical skill, performance Shortening the learning curve, increasing procedural consistency are important factors in assuring high-quality medical care METHODS: This paper describes a laboratory validation system, called Perk Station, for standardized training, performance measurement under different assistance techniques for needle-based surgical guidance systems The initial goal of the Perk Station is to assess, compare different techniques: 2D image overlay, biplane laser guide, laser protractor, conventional freehand The main focus of this manuscript is the planning, guidance software system developed on the 3D Slicer platform, a free, open source software package designed for visualization, analysis of medical image data RESULTS: The prototype Perk Station has been successfully developed, the associated needle insertion phantoms were built, and the graphical user interface was fully implemented The system was inaugurated in undergraduate teaching, a wide array of outreach activities Initial results, experiences, ongoing activities, future plans are reported

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