Perk Lab receives two major research awards

The Perk Lab receives two major research awards last week from CIHR/NSERC

[1] “Mobile Image Overlay System (MIOS) for Musculoskeletal Needle Placement Guidance”, submitted to the NSERC Collaborative Health Research Projects (CHRP) program has been approved for funding. The applicants are Gabor Fichtinger (Computing) and Dr. John F. Rudan (Surgery), with Dr. M. Jaeger (Anesthesiology). [2] Prof. Fichtinger, and his co-applicants Profs. Ellis, Kunz, Stewart, Mousavi and Petrof oreceived an NSERC Research Tools and Instrument application. NSERC funding will bring a Rapid Evaporative Ionization Mass Spectrometer (REIMS) to the Human Mobility Research Centre (HMRC). The REIMS is unique technology, available from only one manufacturer in the world, that will place Queen's surgical navigation researchers at the forefront of technology development and translation. The applicants are endlessly grateful for the dedicated help of Karilee Whiteway who, yet again, flawlessly coordinated the proposals.