The Perk Lab has a diverse team of undergraduate, graduate students, postdoctoral and staff researchers and everyone here is valued and deserves to be treated with respect. This learning and work environment should be free from any form of discrimination, sexual and personal harassment. We strive to provide fair opportunities to all students who join the Perk Lab, considering their research interests and future goals.

Equity Liaison: Hillary Lia

The Equity Liaison acts to ensure equity is maintained in the Perk Lab. The role of the equity liaison is to be your first point of contact if you:

  • have any concerns about how you were treated by any lab member
  • are concerned about your relationship with your supervisor
  • feel you have experienced any form of discrimination, harassment, or
  • you are feeling uncomfortable working in our lab.

Let us know if you have any suggestion or feedback about how we can make our lab more inclusive. Any conversation regarding equity issues between you and the equity liaison is strictly confidential. Should you wish to have more information about equity and human rights at Queen’s, you will get help how to connect to other resources.

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