Dynamic MRI scan plane control for passive tracking of instruments and devices

TitleDynamic MRI scan plane control for passive tracking of instruments and devices
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsDiMaio, S., Samset E., Fischer G., Iordachita I., Fichtinger G., Jolesz F., & Tempany C. M.
JournalMedical image computing and computer-assisted intervention (MICCAI)
NumberPt 2
KeywordsAlgorithms, Anatomy, Artificial Intelligence, Automated, Computer-Assisted, Cross-Sectional, Humans, Image Enhancement, Image Interpretation, Imaging, instrumentation/methods, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, methods, Pattern Recognition, Phantoms, Reproducibility of Results, Robotics, Sensitivity, Specificity, Surgery, Three-Dimensional, User-Computer Interface

This paper describes a novel image-based method for tracking robotic mechanisms, interventional devices during Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI)-guided procedures It takes advantage of the multi-planar imaging capabilities of MRI to optimally image a set of localizing fiducials for passive motion tracking in the image coordinate frame The imaging system is servoed to adaptively position the scan plane based on automatic detection, localization of fiducial artifacts directly from the acquired image stream This closed-loop control system has been implemented using an open-source software framework, currently operates with GE MRI scanners Accuracy, performance were evaluated in experiments, the results of which are presented here

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