Development of 3D Slicer Based Film Dosimetry Analysis

TitleDevelopment of 3D Slicer Based Film Dosimetry Analysis
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsAlexander, K., Robinson A., Pinter C., Fichtinger G., & Schreiner J.
Conference NameIC3DDose (9th International Conference on 3D Radiation Dosimetry)
Date Published10/2016
PublisherIOP Science
Conference LocationHouston, TX, USA

Radiochromic film dosimetry has been widely adopted in the clinic as it is a convenient option for dose measurement and verification. Film dosimetry analysis is typically performed using expensive commercial software, or custom made scripts in Matlab. However, common clinical film analysis software is not transparent regarding what corrections/optimizations are running behind the scenes. An extension to the open-source medical imaging platform 3D Slicer has been designed and implemented in our centre for film dosimetry analysis. This extension enables importing treatment planning system dose and film imaging data, film calibration, registration, and comparison of 2D dose distributions, enabling greater accessibility to film analysis and higher reliability.

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