Amani Ibrahim wins "grand prize" at ImNO 2016

The Perk Lab did superbly at the annual meeting of Imaging Network of Ontario (ImNO). Amani Ibrahim received the "grand prize", i.e. best oral presentation award, Maggie Hess received the Best Poster Award of the OCAIRO Consortium, and Perk Lab researchers received six abstract awards. The total tally is the following:

Best Oral Presentation Award:  Amani Ibrahim

Best Poster Award of the OCAIRO Consortium: Margaret (Maggie) Hess

Summa Cum Laude (Awarded Highest Rated Abstract by all Consortia) 
  • Margaret (Maggie) Hess  – Virtual design of patient specific neuroendoscopic tools for pineal region masses
  • Amani Ibrahim – Image processing software for designing custom craniofacial implants
  • Tamas Ungi – Breast lumpectomy navigation using an open source clinical application

Magna Cum Laude (Awarded to Top-Rated Abstracts by all Consortia

  • Vinyas Harish – Monitoring electromagnetic tracking error in computer-navigated breast cancer surgery
  • Elodie Lugez – Enhanced electromagnetic catheter tracking with  application in high-dose-rate brachytherapy

Cum Laude (Awarded to High-Rated Abstracts by all Consortia

  • Matthew Holden– Central venous catheterization curriculum development via objective performance metrics