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Hisey, R., Chen B., Ungi T., Camire D., Erb J., Howes D., et al. (2020).  Reinforcement learning approach for video-based task recognition in central venous catheterization. Imaging Network of Ontario Symposium. PDF icon RHisey_ImNO2020.pdf (399.33 KB)
Holden, M. S., Keri Z., Ungi T., Yeo C., Ring J., Fichtinger G., et al. (2017).  Reducing Cost and Complexity in Computer-Assisted Training for Lumpectomy. William Ersil Resident Research Day. PDF icon Holden2017c.pdf (60.83 KB)PDF icon Holden2017c-poster.pdf (681.31 KB)
Gordon, L., Dehghan E., Salcudean S. E., & Fichtinger G. (2010).  Reconstruction of Needle Tracts from Fluoroscopy in Prostate Brachytherapy. 22nd International Conference of the Society for Medical Innovation and Technology (SMIT). PDF icon Gordon2010a.pdf (38.64 KB)
Hisey, R., Chen B., Camire D., Erb J., Howes D., Fichtinger G., et al. (2020).  Recognizing workflow tasks in central venous catheterization using convolutional neural networks and reinforcement learning. International Conference on Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery. 94-95.PDF icon RHisey_CARS_2020.pdf (152.24 KB)
Holden, M. S., Ungi T., Sargent D., McGraw R. C., Chen E. C. S., Ganapathy S., et al. (2013).  Real-Time Workflow Segmentation for Needle-Based Interventions. ImNO2013 - Imaging Network Ontario Symposium. PDF icon Holden2013a-Abstract.pdf (288.68 KB)PDF icon Holden2013a-Poster.pdf (474.54 KB)
Pinter, C., Travers B., Baum Z. M. C., Ungi T., Lasso A., Church B., et al. (2018).  Real-time transverse process delineation in tracked ultrasound for scoliosis measurement. Imaging Network Ontario Symposium (ImNO 2018). PDF icon Pinter2018a.pdf (125.23 KB)
Baum, Z. M. C., Ungi T., Lasso A., & Fichtinger G. (2017).  Real-Time, Tracked, Mobile Augmented Reality Display for Surgical Navigation: Usability Study on Simulated Patients. The 9th IGT Workshop. PDF icon Baum2017c.pdf (172.76 KB)
Baum, Z. M. C., Lasso A., Ungi T., & Fichtinger G. (2016).  Real-time self-calibration of a handheld augmented reality overlay system. 14th Annual Imaging Network Ontario Symposium (ImNO). PDF icon Baum2016b.pdf (679.99 KB)
Gomez, E. Escobar, Seifabadi R., Fichtinger G., & Iordachita I. (2012).  Real-time needle tip tracking using Fiber Brag Grating sensors for MRI-guided prostate interventions: Design considerations. 9th Interventional MRI Symposium (IMRI 2012). PDF icon Abstract_Esteban_final_6.pdf (91.28 KB)
Gauvin, G., Yeo C. T., Ungi T., Fichtinger G., Nanji S., Rudan J., et al. (2014).  Real-time EM navigated breast conserving surgery: phantom and cadaver experiments. Seventh Image Guided Therapy Workshop (MICCAI).
Gauvin, G., Yeo C. T., Ungi T., C. Engel J., Fichtinger G., & Rudan J. (2014).  Real-Time Electromagnetic Navigation for Breast Tumor Resection: Proof of Concept. Canadian Surgery Forum.
Gauvin, G., Yeo C. T., Ungi T., Fichtinger G., Rudan J., & C. Engel J. (2014).  Real-time electromagnetic navigation for breast tumor resection: proof of concept. The Seventeenth Annual Scientific Meeting for Health Science Research Trainees.
Lasso, A., & Fichtinger G. (2012).  Real-time data acquisition for cardiovascular research. Cardiac Tissue Characterization and Image-Based Models. PDF icon Lasso2012c.pdf (17.34 KB)PDF icon Lasso2012c-slides.pdf (909.46 KB)
Seifabadi, R., Gomez E. Escobar, Aalamifar F., Fichtinger G., & Iordachita I. (2013).  Real-Time 3D Needle Shape Tracking Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors for Prostate Percutaneous Interventions. Image-guided Therapy (IGT) Workshop. PDF icon IGT Workshop 2013 Reza Seifabadi.pdf (149.32 KB)
Brastianos, H., Vaughan T., Lasso A., Westerland M., Gooding J., Fichtinger G., et al. (2017).  Real Time Electomagnetic Reconstruction of Catheter Paths in Multi-Catheter Interstitial Brachytherapy: A Phantom Model. American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) Annual Meeting. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 99(2, Supplement), E642.
Blevins, J., Tokuda J., Cormack R., Lee J., Kuo N., Prince J. L., et al. (2011).  RadVision: An Image-Guided Brachytherapy Planning/Implant Tool with Extensible Image Acquisition/Processing. 4th NCIGT and NIH Image Guided Therapy Workshop. 4,
Yan, C., Ungi T., Gauvin G., Jabs D., Lasso A., C. Engel J., et al. (2017).  Quantification of tumor localization needle displacement prior to tumor excision in navigated lumpectomy. 15th Annual Imaging Network of Ontario (ImNO). PDF icon Yan2017b.pdf (150.77 KB)File Yan-IMNO-v3.pptx (1 MB)
Ungi, T., Tokuda J., Rankin A., Lasso A., & Fichtinger G. (2013).  Prototyping image-guided therapy applications using the SlicerIGT platform. 6th Image Guided Therapy Workshop. 6, 61.PDF icon Ungi2013c.pdf (70.01 KB)
Lasso, A., Ungi T., Pinter C., Heffter T., Rankin A., & Fichtinger G. (2013).  Prototyping Clinical Applications with the Public Library for Ultrasound (PLUS) Toolkit and 3D Slicer. 6th Image Guided Therapy Workshop. 6, 34.PDF icon Lasso2013a.pdf (2.92 MB)
Anderson, R., Lasso A., Hashtrudi-Zaad K., & Fichtinger G. (2014).  Proposed Feasibility Analysis of Low Cost Inertial Freehand Ultrasound Position Tracking. ImNO. File Anderson2014-poster.pptx (1.15 MB)
Tokuda, J., Song S. Sang- Eun, Fischer G., Iordachita I., Seifabadi R., Cho N. Bongjoon, et al. (2012).  Preclinical evaluation of MRI-compatible pneumatic robot for angulated needle placement in prostate interventions. Computer-assisted Radiology and Surgery (CARS 2012). PDF icon 10.1007_s11548-012-0750-1.pdf (825.17 KB)
Bibic, E., Baum Z. M. C., Harish V., Ungi T., Lasso A., & Fichtinger G. (2017).  PLUS Model Catalog: A library of 3D-printable models. 15th Annual Imaging Network Ontario Symposiuim. PDF icon Bibic2017a.pdf (256.64 KB)File Bibic2017a-Poster.pptx (6.07 MB)
Lasso, A., Heffter T., Pinter C., Ungi T., Chen T. K., Boucharin A., et al. (2012).  PLUS: An open-source toolkit for ultrasound-guided intervention systems development. ImNO2012 - Imaging Network Ontario Symposium. PDF icon Lasso2012a.pdf (183.65 KB)
Lasso, A., Heffter T., Pinter C., Ungi T., Chen T. K., Boucharin A., et al. (2011).  PLUS: An open-source toolkit for developing ultrasound-guided intervention systems. 4th NCIGT and NIH Image Guided Therapy Workshop. 4, 103.PDF icon Lasso2011c.pdf (251.69 KB)PDF icon Lasso2011c-poster.pdf (786.61 KB)
Connolly, L., Sunderland K., Lasso A., Deguet A., Ungi T., Rudan J., et al. (2021).  A platform for robot-assisted Intraoperative imaging in breast conserving surgery. Imaging Network of Ontario Symposium . PDF icon Connolly2021a.pdf (773.23 KB)